Bunny Dummy (Hare size) with cured Rabbit Skin

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The Bunny Dummy (Hare size)  with cured Rabbit skin. They are made from life like foam rubber for a near perfect imposter to live game.

The Rabbit size weighs abourt 1/2kg and the Hare about 1 kg.

These dummies are cleverly designed to force your gundog to carry the dummy in the middle section. This teaches your dog to carry game properly and get accustomed to a free weight either side. This product is perfect for inbetween dummy to game and to start educating your dog on how to carry live game correctly. This dummy is tried and tested and works really well. The Bunny Dummy can be used for marked or blind retrieves.

The flesh like foam rubber is perfect for housing scent training products, Its a really effective must have for your game bag.