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About us

About us

Gundgogz About

Gundogz was started by a passion for gundog training and the shooting field a like. Over the years gundog training has become a way of life for us, something that our brand ambassador David Chudley can relate to. David has been a residential gundog trainer by trade since 1971, having spent almost 50 years dedicated to our sport. Owning and operating Harpersbrook kennels in the heart of Northamptonshire countryside, training gundogs for people from all over the country. David has been fortunate enough to have won trials with Spaniels and Labradors making a few FTCHS up along the way. He is a true countryman that shares our passion for field sports and working dogs.
With David's In sight and experience we strive to supply Trainers with top quality products and equipment that has his seal of approval.

David says,

“I have thoroughly enjoyed the practise of gundog training. Having experianced all sorts of training with dogs over a number of years, you never stop learning, every dog is different. There is no mould or set way to go about training gundogs, you have to adjust your style and methods for each individual and find what suits them, through a strong bond and enjoyable training sessions.”
“I strongly believe that making training as enjoyable as possible for young dogs will benefit them in the long run, just like us if you enjoy your education and what your learning you tend to retain it.”

“Gundogs has enabled me to see some of the most picturesque countryside in the British isles, Through tests, trials, judging, picking up and shooting I have travelled all over, from hills and hollows in the west country to beautiful landscapes in Scotland. Experiences that I would never of had if it wasn't for my dogs. Seeing all your hard work come together on the day whether it will be getting awards trialling or having a fantastic flush and retrieve out shooting, makes all your hard work worth while.”

“You should never get dis heartened when training, these dogs are not machines you will have good and bad days, and as a trainer your responsibility is to get that dog to a standard he or she is capable of getting to, and taking a great pride in doing so.”
“I am very happy to be brand ambassador of Gundogz and look forward to working closely with them in the future, sharing some ideas that I believe can truly benefit the budding gundog trainer.”